Xmas 2020

No idea what’s in this show, if anything.

I know I was hyped up because I had sent stickers to Hyphonix, but he either never got them, or opened them off-stream, so I was bummed out that I didn’t get any free promotion for the show (hey, I had to try!).

Christmas only got worse for me later on that weekend, so in hindsight, it really wasn’t the shitty show that I thought it was when it happened.

It’s a great example of poorly laid plans and a blow to one’s ego (mine).

I lightly edited it, removing around 20 minutes of banter and the set-up regarding why I was watching another streamer work his magic while doing my own show.

Preserved with the fireplace audio intact, as well, since it added some ambiance to the whole thing.

By akspa

Host of the Travels with Miriam podcast

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