Episode 20 – Travels with Miriam and Friends

This is a show that features Miriam and a bunch of friends making calls to locations unknown.  

Production of the normal show has gone sideways for the last month. This is almost a return to the old format, but not quite.Miriam calls hotels, and various other places. A new yet-unnamed character is featured as well. 

Callers include: Dwight the Janitor, Carlito and several others from the Hijinks Discord.


Episode 18 – Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

In this episode of Travels with Miriam, Miriam calls places in Georgia, looking for things to do once she gets there. We explore various museums, art galleries, and historical monuments. Miriam gets in a bit of trouble at some of the destinations she has chosen to visit.

The show includes a bonus call featuring Dwight the Janitor (, DTB (, and Akspa, as well as a sample of something to come…

We will be on a bi-weekly release schedule for the next month or so. The result is longer episodes that go above and beyond our 1-hour target for each episode.

This version of the show is the low-quality MONO version.

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