Show’s Over [Updated August 2021]

The show officially ended in January of 2021.

All the shows have been uploaded to for future-proofing.

The site will go down at some point in the future, in lieu of the posting. All Patreon-exclusive shows are in the archive.

For an explanation of what went down…

I was targeted by a bunch of mentally unstable clowns who thought it would be a great idea to harass me and my family. Through intimidation and threats, the crew of mentally unfit orbiters/simps of a horse-faced bitch, managed to kill my spirit. I no longer find joy in keeping a community show going.

The entire ‘prank call’ community is currently under threat by a myriad of inter-connected harassment fandoms, from many different shows of both current and bygone eras. Uncovering the truth has been a slow process of researching people and who they talk to, then digging into the overall group fandoms that exist, and cross-linking these things across multiple show fandoms.

The unfortunate thing is that all fandoms are involved. It doesn’t matter who you have allegiance for – you are all potential marks for these groups to harass. Why? Creative jealousy, mostly. People with no creative bone in their body, coming after those that are creative types.

The future is grim for these folks. They leave their signature on everything, and it’s a mighty bold signature that can be identified post-harassment.

The latest in the string of harassment by these types of groups would have to be the case of Chris Chan and Isabella Janke, his harasser.

These groups are all inter-connected. All learn from each other. They’re all fucked in the head beyond any level of what would normally be considered ‘fucked in the head’.

If my explanation of what is going on isn’t enough, do a simple search online for harassers and you’ll find countless threads of these types ruining fun for everyone.

The solution? Don’t be public about what you do on the internet. Don’t try to grow a show, or keep yourself at arms length with all the weirdos that show up. I don’t know. I’m trying to figure that part out, still.

My one bit of advice, should you choose to do a podcast or something creative online, is this: Document EVERYTHING. Every interaction with every person. Document it and save it, should you ever need evidence. Call people out on their bullshit. Present the documentation publicly. The people who wish to do harm to you will tell you lies and double-talk. If you document them, the harassment can be proven. Expose people for what they are, before the trouble gets worse.

Had I realized how to take my power back from them, I would have continued with the show and laughed about this little bump in the road. Live and learn, I had never experienced the type of intimidation and harassment that these people caused.

That said, every interaction I have is archived. Enjoy prison, fuckbags.