RIP DaDead

DaDead has passed.

I’m linking and embedding a call he did on an early Community Calls show, as well as the full length show we did together in October of last year.

I’m also taking out excerpts from Episodes 42, 43, and 44 where DaDead did some calls with the Community Calls crew, and providing them here as a memorial to DaDead. May he rest eternally in peace.

Excerpts from Episode 42 –

Excerpts from Episode 43 –

Excerpts from Episode 44 –


Episode 43 – Hot Mustard Maidens

In this episode, we attempt to purchase firewood, make room bookings, report on Mustard happenings, and try to solve who the fairest Mustard Maiden is.

Features calls by Miriam, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, LilDTB, Wingless, Snappybakes, DaDead, Milkman, and Clementine.

This episode was recorded June 26th 2020.


Episode 42 – What Happened on June 4th?

In this episode, we start with some innocent calls by Akspa, followed up with the DaDead Hour with calls by DaDead, Milkman, Dwight, and many others.

The next segment of the show are calls to hotels in China, asking them the title of this episode – does anyone remember the Tienanmen Square massacre?

After getting censored by the Chinese Government, we move on to more innocent calls to hotels state-side and wrap up the show.