Episode 65 – Clip Show

Our host for our phone dialing machine went down during the recording of this show, so only 2 new calls are in the episode. We decided to suck it up and do a clip show for nearly 3 hours.

This show is mostly unedited, to preserve the confusion and anger at our web host, for eternity.

Features clips from early episodes and throughout the last year of content created via the solo era and Community Calls era.

If you’re a new listener, this is a good starting point.


Episode 62 – Aquatic Crime Solvers

We are Immoral Juice. This episode continues our adventures in Immoral things to sell to customers. We call about the flyer our company sent out to stores to show off the new merchandise. We call up unsuspecting hotels in Japan to try and solve Aquatic Crimes, as well as other odd calls to various places throughout the world.

This is a heavily community-involved episode, with many members doing calls and helping Akspa out with the calls throughout the entire show.


Episode 61 – Immoral Juice

In this episode, we created a fake juice company that was using guerilla shipping tactics to get their juice shipments in store. One small problem, the details were sent via fax machine, and not via email. We’re old school and Immoral. We don’t play by everyone’s rules, maaaaan.

Since the recording of this episode, forwards to a website of the Swedish King wearing funny hats, instead of the original Immoral redirect that it went to during the recording of this show.

Episode 61 - Immoral Juice 1
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We tried to get folks to read the entire fax, but only got small fragments of what exactly was faxed on over.

Features Calls by: Dwight, MustardMachine, Turbo, ThankfulDTB, Akspa, SPLink and other members of the Travels With Miriam (Currently called Travels with Immoral Juice) discord (

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Dirty Unit


Stalin_without the Charm

Bob Vance




Mister Turbeaux

Another Prank Call Show











Phone Loser Of America

Farted Onyaface



Episodes 31, 32, 33 – Miriam Loves Satin

In this mega episode, we call various places including Singapore, Japan, and the deep south. Miriam’s diaper gets stolen. There’s a whole lot of weird calls in this massive show – 4+ hours of pure unfiltered insanity.

If you wish to join in for the hilarity, head on over to the Hijinks Lab Discord server, and listen in on Friday nights starting at 7PM with Dragonmere, then at 10PM with Akspa for Community Calls!

This episode features calls by: Akspa, Miriam, Dwight the Janitor, BigDTB, and many others from the Hijinks Discord.


Episode 24 – Missions of Misery

In this episode, Miriam attempts to intervene with hotel reservations, Dwight tries to find some biker gangs, Akspa’s phone has mysterious problems, Carlito tries to make reservations, and a very nice Japanese man tries his best to make a reservation for a special horse.

Special thanks to Chrispy808, tigereye4c, xpers, totalsecond, and our new patron T.L.!

Going forward, Travels with Miriam and Community Calls will be merged episodes, to make things less confusing.


Episode 20 – Travels with Miriam and Friends

This is a show that features Miriam and a bunch of friends making calls to locations unknown.  

Production of the normal show has gone sideways for the last month. This is almost a return to the old format, but not quite.Miriam calls hotels, and various other places. A new yet-unnamed character is featured as well. 

Callers include: Dwight the Janitor, Carlito and several others from the Hijinks Discord.


Community Calls – Episode 4 – Mix and Match

We called various places on the planet tonight – this is the condensed edit of all calls made. There’s some gold in here.

Features calls by: RBCP (, DevonAnustart (, totalsecond, Dwight the Janitor (, Carlito (, and various others in the Hijinks Discord (


Pranksgiving 2019 + Community Japan Calls

This was supposed to be Episode 20, but due to technical difficulties, likely caused by Miriam pulling wires out of the virtual mixer, most of the calls Miriam did weren’t heard by the recipient.This is primarily a Foreign Cultural Exchange show.

The last 30 minutes consists of additional calls done during Thanksgiving weekend, featuring Carlito, totalsecond, Xander Fett, BigDTB, Dwight the Janitor, Airhead, Cat_Astr0ph3, chrispy808, and many others.


Friday Nights with Akspa – Community Calls Episode 2

In this collection of community calls, we explore the lands of Japan, United Kingdom and the Territory of Guam(e).

Featuring calls by: Akspa, Turbo, Gordo, Dwight the Janitor, and many other members from the Hijinks Discord community.

This is not a Travels with Miriam episode, but an additional show that is normally produced after-hours on Friday nights.