Rest In Peace, Carlito

News has come out that Carlito of has passed away.

I considered him a close friend, and an inspiration for this very show. In late 2019, he had informed those of us he considered a friend that he was sick.

I decided to step up and offer him help in running shows, and did just that – by doing Community Calls.

I ran his Thanksgiving 2019 show, so he wouldn’t have to deal with all the technical nonsense and he just had to do the talking.

I left the door open for him, so he could come by and do a couple calls here and there, whenever he felt well enough to do so. That’s how Travels with Miriam became Community Calls with Miriam. The live show exists only because of Carlito. For this, I thank him.

I will continue doing Community Calls in his memory. The one thing he tried to get going was to pull the community in to the show, to let anyone that wanted to try a call or two, to do just that. He offered me that on his own show, and I’ll carry that torch for him.

By akspa

Host of the Travels with Miriam podcast

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