Prologue – Pilot Episode

This prologue was recorded 2 years before the episodic show began.

It introduces the characters Miriam, Bertrand, and Jeremy. It is required listening to make sense of some of the weird situations that happen in later episodes, so it is included here to help build a basis around the characters in the later episodes.

Miriam, an 84 year old woman, believes that she is on TV, even though she is merely talking into a bowl of wax fruits.

Bertrand, an 85 year old man, and Miriam’s husband, just wants his wife happy.

Jeremy, a 45 year old man, is their seemingly dimwitted son.

The family is dysfunctional.
Miriam has a few screws loose.
Jeremy is not too far off.
Bertrand is Bert.

By akspa

Host of the Travels with Miriam podcast

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