Episode 28 – Miriam Takes a Walk

Miriam gets lost at two different nursing homes, in different countries, all in the same night! We call various hotels, motels, and other businesses with complaints, requests, and annoyances. 

Features calls from:  Dom the Bomb, Darzzr, Akspa, Miriam, Cat_Astroph3, and many others from the Hijinks Discord.Includes a bonus call where Miriam attempts to scambait some scammers, but ends up on a party line full of others trying to do the same. 

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Episode 27 – Miriam’s First Taste of Freedom

In this episode, we call Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and various places elsewhere, trying to make inappropriate hotel reservations, complaints, and inquires for information.

Features calls by: RBCP (, Dom the Bomb, Darzzr, Akspa, Miriam, Cat_Astroph3, and many others from the Hijinks Discord.


Episode 26 – Miriam’s Dreadful Secret

In this episode of Travels with Miriam, we call up a bunch of hotels, brothels, and liquor stores in search of bookings, women, and liquor.
Features calls by: RBCP (, Carlito (, Dwight the Janitor, Dom the Bomb, Snappybakes, Darzzr, and various other members from the Hijinks Discord (

Special thanks to all our patreons and supporters: tigereye4c, Chrispy808, Nashby, Darzzr, default urine, gordo, HMM, Major Tinnitus, Gilmour, Turbo, T.L, Xander Fett, & xpers!


Episode 25 – Non-Conformist Prank Calls

In this episode, we call Singapore, Japan, the US, and various other places. We ruffle some feathers, confuse some people with our odd requests, do some customer surveys with weird results, and otherwise perform non-conformist prank calls.

Features calls by: Carlito, Dwight the Janitor, BigDTB, totalsecond, Akspa, Miriam, and many others from the Hijinks Discord Server.


Episode 24 – Missions of Misery

In this episode, Miriam attempts to intervene with hotel reservations, Dwight tries to find some biker gangs, Akspa’s phone has mysterious problems, Carlito tries to make reservations, and a very nice Japanese man tries his best to make a reservation for a special horse.

Special thanks to Chrispy808, tigereye4c, xpers, totalsecond, and our new patron T.L.!

Going forward, Travels with Miriam and Community Calls will be merged episodes, to make things less confusing.


Episode 21 – Travels in Time

This episode is another Miriam and Friends edition, with several long, hilarious calls to the UK and Japan, as well as some to the US. Features several members of the Hijinks Discord, including: Darzzr, Dwight the Janitor, Carlito, Cat_Astr0ph3, and many others.

Expect to see more of these Miriam and Friends shows in the near future. The show takes on another form when you have multiple people participating in Miriam’s travels…

Special thanks to Chrispy808 for a huge donation to help power the phones this month!


Episode 20 – Travels with Miriam and Friends

This is a show that features Miriam and a bunch of friends making calls to locations unknown.  

Production of the normal show has gone sideways for the last month. This is almost a return to the old format, but not quite.Miriam calls hotels, and various other places. A new yet-unnamed character is featured as well. 

Callers include: Dwight the Janitor, Carlito and several others from the Hijinks Discord.


Community Calls – Episode 4 – Mix and Match

We called various places on the planet tonight – this is the condensed edit of all calls made. There’s some gold in here.

Features calls by: RBCP (, DevonAnustart (, totalsecond, Dwight the Janitor (, Carlito (, and various others in the Hijinks Discord (


Community Calls Episode 3

In this episode of Community Calls, we call Saipan, Hawaii, and various other random places across the USA.

Features calls by: Dwight the Janitor, Akspa, totalsecond, and various others.


Pranksgiving 2019 + Community Japan Calls

This was supposed to be Episode 20, but due to technical difficulties, likely caused by Miriam pulling wires out of the virtual mixer, most of the calls Miriam did weren’t heard by the recipient.This is primarily a Foreign Cultural Exchange show.

The last 30 minutes consists of additional calls done during Thanksgiving weekend, featuring Carlito, totalsecond, Xander Fett, BigDTB, Dwight the Janitor, Airhead, Cat_Astr0ph3, chrispy808, and many others.