Episode 74 – 43 USD

In this episode, we got overcharged for a handful of calls to the UK, tried to get our organ a booking at several hotels, confused some people and alarmed a few. 

Recorded 22-23 April 2022.

Special Thanks to our Patrons: Prankcast & Sons – Is your birthday, bar mitzvah or baptism coming up – Order a custom milk box through our mail-order catalogue, FancyPANTS, Turbo, Chrispy808

Very Special Thanks to Gordo for helping take a bite out of the overcharges, LuLu and Milkman for grabbing good numbers and providing a whole cast of wild characters. Ruin for several awesome calls that had me rolling, and all the rest of the community over in Dwightcord.

This show has come back stronger than ever, thanks to the community that makes it happen.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and we hope to see you join us for a call or two!

By akspa

Host of the Travels with Miriam podcast

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