Show’s Over

The show officially ended in January of 2021. We’re uploading all the shows to for future-proofing. It was fun while it lasted.

If you’re searching for reasons as to why the show ended so abruptly, assume the worst thing that someone can to do someone else on the internet, and you’d be on the right path.

Show’s over.

My spirit ruined.

The trolls can rejoice now, they ruined another good show.


2021: Show Status

I took a break on editing the show for about 2 months. I’ve got something like 5-7 episodes to edit and post,

2021: Show Status 1
here’s the current status of Episode 62’s edit

Episode 61 marked the end of edits from last year. Episode 62 and 63 have been partially edited, and everything else since then has been lying in wait for an edit.

The reason for this slump in editing is mainly due to the length of the shows themselves. There were quite a few shows that extended well over the 4 hour mark, and into the 6 hour territory. Then there’s shows where the recording bot failed to record bits and pieces of calls, where I have to go and grab the raw, crappy audio recorded on my phone system, and sp/lic/e calls back together.

There’s technical issues too – a failing SSD in my system has caused me nothing but trouble when loading up large projects in Adobe Audition, so I’ve been waiting on parts and some time to set aside and do a proper reinstall of Windows and all the software I use – this will take at least a full 18hr day to perform the necessary hardware installation/swapping, and software installation – likely to be completed by the 8th of January.

And then there’s time. I’m trying to better myself every week with dieting and sleeping a healthy sleep schedule. This is my side hustle, but it is still an important part of my life – and I’m trying to integrate healthier living alongside everything, so there may be a little less time for the hobby and more time for living. As 2021 progresses, this should balance out.

2021 should prove to be a good year for the show. We’ve got a bunch of ideas to try out, be it premises or skits. The unfinished set of skits I produced for Christmas, shall have an ending at some point – the original ending now passed in time, that it no longer makes any sense to go that route — now allows for an extended set of skits to be produced and interspersed with the episode releases.

Episodes 62 & 63 will be released soon-ish. Episode 64 was Pranksgiving, and has already been out for a while now. Christmas will be a non-episodic release, as I wasn’t even planning on doing a show on Christmas, and it was a short show – I may just release this unedited – I haven’t decided yet. And then this past week was Episode…. 68? I think… I don’t know, the episode numbers go past so fast these days.

Episode 69, scheduled for recording on 8th January, should return to the normal editing schedule. At this rate, it will come out sometime in February – basically, I’m 2 months behind on editing, but hope to close that gap within the next 2 months and return to a normal 1-2 week delay between recording and releasing the show.

I have high hopes for the show this year. We will try to embark on some new travels, new premises, new extensions to the show – skits are what this show was built on in the early days, and I hope to continue adding to the Miriam backstory throughout the year with silly little skits. Some folks like that side of the show, as it brings a little of the old Radio Drama from the 1940’s back. It’s old school but works well to tell stories that I’d rather not have animated or done up by actors on stage. It’s a way to convey disgusting things without the visual element – use your imagination to fill in the visual gaps.

Episodes News

50 Travels For Free

We’ve archived our first 50 episodes for free on, to be saved till the end of time.

If you wanted an easy and complete copy of the first 50 episodes, this is the best way to get them. You can even stream the shows directly from the page.

These are the Patreon versions as well, which just means that they’re stereo and high-bitrate.


RIP DaDead

DaDead has passed.

I’m linking and embedding a call he did on an early Community Calls show, as well as the full length show we did together in October of last year.

I’m also taking out excerpts from Episodes 42, 43, and 44 where DaDead did some calls with the Community Calls crew, and providing them here as a memorial to DaDead. May he rest eternally in peace.

Excerpts from Episode 42 –

Excerpts from Episode 43 –

Excerpts from Episode 44 –


Schedule for Episode Releases

All episodes of the podcast is released for free, however, we do delay releases by 2-3 weeks on the website. I’d like to explain a bit as to why this is –

Currently, the schedule for releases looks like this (UTC-4):

Schedule for Episode Releases 2
Show release schedule

These releases are Mono and ~96kbps mp3’s. This is done as an incentive to sign up to the Patreon and help support the show, as well as keep bandwidth costs down on the site (especially with syndication — bandwidth gets eaten up like candy). The patreon releases are all Stereo mixes and typically ~320kbps mp3’s.

Live shows occur in our discord weekly on Friday nights at 10PM, and last between 4-6 hours. If you want to join and get the latest show free of charge, feel free to join the discord and listen in live.

In the future, we may implement a live stream on the site itself, as discord is limited to 99 users at a time (each week, we edge closer to that limit).