Episode 47 – Mai Dodder’s Spiced Mustard

  • Miriam tries to hire transport to the other side as the Grim Reaper tickles her fanny with his sickle
  • Miriam wakes up some folks trying to get a mustard refill
  • Akspa tries to get some costumes purchased while sleeping off a high in a truck stop
  • Snappybakes tries to purchase a China cabinet
  • UK Wakeup Calls get some good reactions
  • We encounter a guy that seemingly wants a woman in his life but gets suckered into the rabbit hole that is Travels with Miriam
  • Mr. Prolapse from The Machine makes a call
  • A man likes mustard and twitter hoes
  • A man acts like an angry bot but is actually a real boi. Ends up getting blacklisted from our machine due to 20+ callbacks.
  • Snappybakes still has that ‘new car smell’
  • Snappybakes has snake babies

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Episode 46 – Spicy Mustard

We call a bunch of people with the name Derek. Try to get some lawn tools, wake some Brits up, and bother people with Mustard jokes.

This episode was recorded July 10th, 2020


Episode 45 – Mustard King

In this episode, Miriam, Akspa, Clementine, LilDTB, DJGlo, Dwight, and many others from the Travels with Miriam discord server set out to call locals in countries such as: Thailand, the UK, Japan, and the USA.

We get the bottom of Hambu.

We encounter some strange folks along the way.

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This episode was recorded July 3rd, 2020.

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Episode 44 – Mo Mustard, Mo Problems

Miriam calls LiveLinks and tries to find a man who can fulfill her Mustard needs.
MustardMachine tries to suss out the mustard competition.
Akspa tries to solve world mustard hunger
LuLu tries to find Mummy and entice men to do her bidding
Dwight and Airhead get called names by Kermit The Frog

This episode was recorded on July 3rd, 2020.


Episode 43 – Hot Mustard Maidens

In this episode, we attempt to purchase firewood, make room bookings, report on Mustard happenings, and try to solve who the fairest Mustard Maiden is.

Features calls by Miriam, Akspa, Dwight the Janitor, LilDTB, Wingless, Snappybakes, DaDead, Milkman, and Clementine.

This episode was recorded June 26th 2020.


Site Downtime

The site experienced some extended downtime this morning due to the web host breaking everything they could possibly break. Let’s just say that we won’t be dealing with those issues in the future.

The site, as well as RSS feed, and episode files have been restored from a backup. All outstanding issues have been resolved.

Edited versions of Episodes 43, 44, and 45 should be posted within the next week or so.


Episode 42 – What Happened on June 4th?

In this episode, we start with some innocent calls by Akspa, followed up with the DaDead Hour with calls by DaDead, Milkman, Dwight, and many others.

The next segment of the show are calls to hotels in China, asking them the title of this episode – does anyone remember the Tienanmen Square massacre?

After getting censored by the Chinese Government, we move on to more innocent calls to hotels state-side and wrap up the show.


Episode 41 – A Sickness of the Mind

In this episode, Miriam attempts to purchase some toilets for sale, Panti, DaDead and DTB try to find love in all the wrong places. Dwight tries to order some Indian Cuisine to no avail. Akspa tries to lay in some hay.

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Episode 40 – The Number You Have Dialed Is Ringing

In this episode, we call up the adult chat lines, where many creepy fellows try to get into situations with Snappybakes. We look for firewood, hotel rooms, and furniture from southern folk. Miriam tries to become a lead singer of a Salt Lake City band. We encounter strange phonemachines along the way that confuse and scare us.

Snappybakes loses something personal in a hotel room and tries to get the front desk to open up the lost and found. Dwight attempts to find out who is talking to his daughter.


Episode 39 – Miriam the Spy

In this episode we deal with creepy people, try to get some firewood, get something going at the local truck stop, and confess to be involved with secret clandestine services.

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