A note on the Lost Episodes release

These episodes were recorded and left to rot in their respective raw audio folders for the last year or so. The intention was to release them as edited episodes, but due to marathon sessions (See Episode 68) of shows every couple weeks, I burned out on editing and even doing the show at all.

Let this be a lesson to anyone that wants to do a show in the future – set time limits ahead of time. Set yourself up to do 1 or 2 hours at first, and not let yourself burn out. It came up way faster than I had anticipated, as

I had enjoyed doing the shows for the entire run, and learned a lot about the power of the community.

The good and the bad.

There’s one last episode to be released – Xmas 2020.

I have no idea if we did anything awesome then, or not. It’s been too long. Maybe there’s some good calls in there. We can discover it together, because I’m not editing it! I’m just creating the composite mix from the raw recordings, and putting it out there for folks to enjoy or riot against. It’s the past, it was recorded, and it was meant to be saved, so it’ll find its way out as soon as I press Export on the file or fiddle with FFMPEG to get the best bang-for-bitrate.

By akspa

Host of the Travels with Miriam podcast

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