About Travels with Miriam

About Travels with Miriam 1

Welcome to Travels with Miriam!
This show features 84 year old Miriam, exploring the world one phone call at a time. 

The show is co-hosted by Akspa, as well as many community members from the Hijinks Discord, and is produced with the help of show sponsors on Patreon. 

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Miriam has lead an incredibly colourful life, and she wishes to tell her story one show at a time. She has the tendency to confuse, anger, or bewilder people she calls — which amounts to hilarious situations.

Now featured in Do What Now? THE ZINE

We publish on a bi-weekly basis, on Saturdays for Patrons, and Wednesdays for everyone else.
The non-sponsored feed is lower quality than the sponsored feed on Patreon.

Additional perks on Patreon include:

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