About Travels with Miriam

Welcome to Travels with Miriam, the show about an 84 year old British woman named Miriam. We are taking a trip down memory lane, visiting places in Miriam’s life that left lasting effects on her life.

She’s a British woman who has had a colorful life and poor judgment. She doesn’t know what is ‘ok’ to say, and says things like they are, in her own convoluted way.

Travels with Miriam

The show consists of calls to various places on the planet that she has visited over her life, which helped to shape her life in bizarre ways, and new adventures courtesy of her grandchildren. 

The show is hosted by “Mr. Akspa”, sometimes only referred to as Akspa. This is how Miriam wants it.

We publish on a weekly basis, on Saturday at 9AM Eastern for Patrons, and Wednesdays at 9AM for non-patrons.

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